2017 wine dinner dates:


Thursday 9th March (Sardinia) / Fully Booked!

Thursday 18th May (Friuli) / Fully Booked!

Thursday 27th July (Sicily / Zucca’s 10 years anniversary dinner) Fully Booked!

Thursday 14th September (Tuscany)

Thursday 30th November (Veneto / St Andrew’s day dinner)

Each wine dinner is carefully planned to showcase both food and wine organoleptic properties.
Our degustation dinners typically commence at 7.30pm, with a complimentary aperitif at the bar, followed by a 4 courses dinner with matching wines.

Friuli Dinner, 18th May, 2017

Char grilled mackerel fillet
spiced avocado, apples, asparagus and fennel salad,
parsley and lemon
Sauvignon Blanc, Fantinel
Fresh egg fettuccine
Braised wild boar ragu` in red wine, tomatoes and herbs
Cabernet Sauvignon, Fantinel
Honey glazed duck breast, braised leg and potato bon-bon
sweetcorn puree, roasted butternut
blackcurrant and star anise sauce
Refosco, La Roncaia
Banana toffee cake
caramelised bananas and vanilla ice-cream
Picolit, La Roncaia
£35.95 per person for food and wine

Please Note: A discretionary 10% service will be added to parties of 6 people or more.